Moodle LMS

The open source system Moodle is the most widely used learning platform in the world. By mid 2016, there were over 83,000 registered Moodle installations, serving over 90 million users of this learning management system across the globe. Not bad for software that was only released in 2002! As an open source LMS, there are no licence fees to pay and anyone with the right skills can work on and improve its functionality.


The term Moodle stands for “Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment” and was developed by Australian Martin Dougiamas to help education professionals create interactive, collaborative online courses.

Originally seen as a tool for the educational environment, this leading elearning software has become increasingly popular for online business training as well, due to the flexibility of the LMS, the zero cost to download and implement (for those with the necessary technical skills), and its constant evolution to meet the ever-changing needs to its users.

Like many of the leading open source software products, Moodle is constantly being enhanced and supported by an enthusiastic and talented community of developers across the world, which develops new plug-ins and functionalities on a regular basis.

A customised Moodle LMS has a number of advantages:

  • It saves teachers time creating and assessing class work
  • It reduces costs for the school as efficiency is increased
  • It facilitates pupil, staff and parent engagement by allowing access to learning resources 24 hours a day.

Moodle is free to download from and install on your own server to work with and implement to meet your needs. For professional services in Moodle design, development, training and support, there are many companies in most major countries that can help. However, Moodle assesses and endorses the credentials of a number of official Moodle Partners. These companies in turn contribute some revenue to Moodle Pty Ltd to fund continued development of the learning management system.

Moodle Mobile

While the LMS itself is mobile friendly, the is an HTML5 Moodle Mobile app available for iOS and Android. These work with your Moodle site as long as it has been set up to work with the app.

Moodle Partners

If you are looking for professional, expert Moodle services, then an official Moodle Partner should be one of the safest ways to go, as you can be sure that the company has experience of delivering a number of successful LMS projects with this software. There are over 60 worldwide.

Here are a few of the largest Moodle Partners and a brief intro to each:

With their headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland in the USA, this Moodle Partner for the US has extensive experience with colleges and universities, but also supports schools and businesses. They specialize in cloud-hosted Moodle services.
Visit to learn more.

A Moodle Partner in the US, UK and Poland with several hundred clients using their LMS solutions worldwide. The company deals with education, business, government and not-for-profit organizations. You can read about their Moodle solutions at on their US website.
US Telephone Number: (+1)866-713-0496
UK Telephone Number: +44 (0)113 3200 750

Remote Learner
Another UK Moodle Partner with a a well-established international presence – in North America and the United Kingdom. This LMS provider caters for the Education, Higher Education, Corporate and Government sectors.
Visit their site at to learn more about their Moodle services for the UK.

Moodle has one numerous awards over the years and is often cited as one of the best learning platforms available.

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