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If you are looking for the best online training software for small to medium sized businesses in 2017, then the new learning platform from WillowDNA – Pathway360 – should be high on your list. It combines the core features of the popular Pathway Cloud LMS, with course libraries from Skill Pill and elearning content authoring tool – gomo.

Online Training Software - Pathway360

WillowDNA is one of the most respected elearning companies in the market, and for years has provided award-winning elearning solutions to the likes of Vodafone, Pepsico, Unilever, Oracle and other global brands.

The Pathway Cloud LMS is used by companies that include Telefonica O2, IPA, the Royal College of Physicians and Transitions Lenses.

Pathway Cloud is a great corporate LMS solution for making online training content easy for trainers to manage and for learners to access on the go. However, Pathway360 brings a complete online learning solution that is ideal for smaller businesses who do not already have courses readily available or the in-house expertise to develop their own training content.

With literally thousands of learning platforms and elearning companies on the global market, WillowDNA have clearly seen the benefit of combining the best of what’s already around to create something amazing. When launching Pathway360, here’s what their MD, Debbie Lawley had to say:

Having worked with organisations of all sizes from across industry, it’s clear that an integrated approach to content curation, course creation and social learning is needed to keep pace with the skills and insights organisations need. Starting with just 100 users, Pathway360 brings the power of online learning of everyone and goes beyond the typical course catalogue approach.”

Perhaps the most exciting new learning platform

It’s exciting that three of the most interesting elearning companies have come together to create an all-in-one solution that companies of any size can access and benefit from immediately.

Skill Pill specialise in ‘micro-learning’ content. They have a library of over 1000 elearning objects that are accessible on the go, enabling companies to deliver Just in Time learning for their staff. Skill Pill have their own impressive client list that includes the likes of CocaCola, Zurich, Pearson, Amnesty International and Dell.

Those organisations are no mugs, so you can be sure they will have done their research and chosen a company to deliver online courses that really meet the needs of large, diverse and disparate teams of staff.

Equally impressive is gomo – a collaborative, cloud-based elearning content authoring tool. Multi-device training is enabled with tools for responsive, adaptive HTML5 elearning content creation. Again, the client list tells the story in terms of quality and credibility, including the likes of Santander, Boots, the NHS, Deloitte, Land Rover and Bupa.

Pathway brings this quality of training solution accessible and affordable for SMEs.

If your organisation is new to elearning or if you need to simplify the process of managing online training and have found other solutions time consuming, quickly outdated or expensive, then the Pathway360 online learning solution could be ideal for you.

For further information on this top online training software and to arrange a guided tour, give the WillowDNA team a call on:
+44 (0)117 370 7735.

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