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Welcome to Learning Platforms

Hi there and welcome to the Learning Platforms website, where we explore the best elearning companies, technology solutions and experts that are shaping online education and training today.

We will provide profiles of the top learning management systems - also known as LMS - including some of their key features and benefits.

We will also look at other solutions, such as eportfolios, mobile or social learning platforms, and training / education apps that enable users to gain, enhance and share their knowledge and skills on the go.

As in any high-tech market, the online training and education environment is constantly changing, and it can be hard to keep up.

We will have pages that simplify and explain some of the latest terminology in the world of elearning in our Definitions section for a glossary of buzzwords.

Many of our visitors will have specific goals for a learning platform, so we will try to categorize each product, service and provider accordingly.