Learning Platforms – Welcome

Hi there and welcome to the Learning Platforms website, where we explore the best elearning companies, technology solutions and experts that are shaping online education and training today.

We will provide profiles of the top learning platforms in a range of categories, including:

  • Learning Management Systems – also known as LMS – including some of their key features and benefits.
  • Learning Experience Platforms – or LXP – that are helping to increase learner engagement and improve self-directed training, often through intelligent content curation with the help of AI.
  • eLearning Apps – facilitating mobile learning for on the go accessibility and Just In Time Learning.
  • Training Course Libraries – the best websites for finding the best off the shelf training for your needs or if you’re a content developer, the top tools and marketplaces for showcasing and selling your courses.

We will also look at other solutions, such as eportfolios and mobile or social learning platforms that enable users to gain, enhance and share their knowledge and skills on the go.

As in any high-tech market, the online training and education environment is constantly changing, and it can be hard to keep up. We will have pages that simplify and explain some of the latest terminology in the world of elearning.

Many of our visitors will have specific goals for a learning platform, so we will try to categorize each product, service and provider accordingly.

Moodle Services from Titus Learning

Titus Learning is a Certified Premium Moodle Partner for the UK, UAE and Hong Kong. With a background in the ...
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Custom system simulations from Day One

System Simulations from Day One

Realistic system simulations are created by Day One Technologies to enhance software onboarding, engagement and user adoption, and for training ...
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Svelte LMS Review – Multitenancy & Multilingual – No Problem

A review of the Svelte LMS conducted by David Patterson of independent elearning research and consultancy company, Learning Light. In ...
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Big brands using Moodle

Big Companies / Brands Using Moodle

The open source learning platform, Moodle, is now seen by many as the best corporate LMS, and there are plenty ...
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Adobe Captivate Prime LMS

The Adobe Captivate Prime LMS is designed to be easy to set up and help you to deliver engaging learning ...
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White Label LMS

White Label LMS – their Benefits & Choosing the Best

Here we look at the benefits of a white label LMS to not only deliver elearning content, but to help ...
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