White Label LMS – their Benefits & Choosing the Best


Here we look at the benefits of a white label LMS to not only deliver elearning content, but to help drive engagement by making it feel like part of your brand or that of your client. We also look at some of the leading providers of white label learning management systems…

White Label LMS

The e-Learning market is continuing to make great strides. With its global value set to reach $325 billion by 2025, forward thinking companies are increasingly awakening to its uses. Saving costs and providing business owners with consistency and scalability, the benefits of using a learning management system (LMS) for training are numerous. But when it comes to choosing the right solution for your company, how important is a White Label LMS?

Let’s start with the basics. A White Label LMS is a product customised for your business, that allows you to add your own branding and usually to also select relevant features. Rather than having to create your own training solution from scratch, which can cause lengthy delays and unnecessary costs, you get a professional product that can be adapted to your brand. This can speed up your time to market and accelerate employee training, while offering an easier solution all round and allowing you to take advantage of expert resources.

Personalising your LMS will often lead to increased user engagement, as your customers and employees feel that it is an extension of your brand. This creates familiarity and establishes trust, contributing to a greater adoption rate. This is important when it comes to onboarding or soft skills training, but adoption is essential when it comes to legal or industry regulation compliance.

The content in your White Label LMS is completely tailored to your organisation, with no irrelevant or excess sections.

If you’re thinking about this type of solution for your business, check out these companies offering white label learning management systems and what they have to say about their solutions.


Day One Technologies
One of the leading providers of bespoke elearning solutions in the UK, Day One create custom, white label learning platforms using a modular approach. The Day One LMS starts with a system that is a lean as possible to make it easy to get to grips with. They then add features and functionality that will help and engage users, avoiding anything that could distract or confuse.

Day One LMS

The result is a white label LMS, branded for each client, that makes learners feel like it is part of the organisational culture.

Groups and sub-groups can be created with functions to meet their specific needs, and complex hierarchies can be created with access to relevant content types.

The flexibility of their learning management systems have made Day One the choice of well-known brands, such as Lloyds Bank and ghd.


Paradiso Solutions
A trusted name in the e-Learning space, Paradiso Solutions offers White Label LMS that are fully customisable to your company. Understanding that no two businesses operate in the same way, they offer flexibility above all, giving customers “exactly what they want and how they want it”.

If you’ve ever dabbled with e-learning in the past, you may have found that an off-the-shelf solution either lacked some key elements you needed, or had a host of irrelevant features. That’s why Paradiso lets you design your White Label LMS according to your requirements, working closely with you to ensure the product suits your needs and fits your budget.

Best of all? The solution is yours at the end, as Paradiso are simply developers. You own the source code and 100 percent of the finished product.


Easy LMS
As the name suggests, this focus of Easy LMS is on keeping things simple for users. A distraction-free, clean environment that makes learning easier for your students. Claiming to be all about content, Easy LMS reminds its customers that while adding their logo and style is important, their main focus should be on providing excellent content. You won’t get overloaded with choice when it comes to selecting this White Label LMS, which can be a good thing, depending on your company’s needs, as it lets you concentrate on the content.

An added plus? It’s easy to integrate with your system, while looking as if it’s a part of your site, making your users feel at home. In the words of Easy LMS, that allows you to “keep all the praise to yourself”. If you select a corporate plan, you also get access to their online LMS, as well as your own White Label.


Choosing your White Label Platform

The above companies are proven in delivering white label e-learning solutions for clients across a range of territories. Many modern solutions have dedicated multi-tenancy LMS capabilities, making it quick and easy to create multiple instances that are customised to the needs of each group, be it internal departments for employee training or external, ‘extended enterprise’ solutions for suppliers, the supply chain, distributiors / franchisees, and even customers.

If you want to reduce training costs and shorten time to competency, while providing your users a comfortable environment and professional branding, get a White Label LMS. Remember though, that while the look and feel are important, don’t let excessive branding detract from its purpose. After all, your LMS will only be as successful as its content, so make sure that’s priority number one.

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