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SAP Enable Now is one of the top interactive elearning authoring tools – a powerful content creation, management and sharing platform that facilitates learning through any medium effortlessly. This brilliant elearning authoring software helps you to reduce time to competency and soften learning curves by developing engaging, contextually-relevant content proactively and in a timely manner.

EnableNow About

You can now unleash the full power of SAP solutions through scalable end-user training tools that help build required skills and add great value to your organisation. Powered by SAP, a leader of today’s technology and digital transformation revolution, Enable Now helps get across damaging complexity effects while generating new opportunities for growth and innovation, while also staying ahead of the competition.

Enable Now Features and Benefits

  • Content reuse across different scenarios
  • In-application help and performance support
  • Training simulation and test-script creation
  • Contextual learning with web assistant
  • Improved guidance with desktop assistant
  • Access to new elements as well as design possibilities

Software Training Available

  • openSAP
  • SAP Learning Hub
  • Instructor-led SAP training
  • SAP Global Certification
  • Training Webinars on Multiple SAP Features

Customers that Trust SAP Enable Now

Whitehall Resources Ltd, City of Cambridge, Avanos, Magna International, GECO Asia, Comcast, ASG, Sydney Water Corporation, and many more across the globe.

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