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Based in the UK, USA and Poland, Webanywhere was founded in 2003 by Sean Gilligan. It specializes in web and e-learning solutions. The company provides easy to use and affordable online education and web based training solutions, which can be accessed at anytime from anywhere with an Internet connection.

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One of its most popular products is Learner Journey, which allows its users to create an e-portfolio and interact within or administer a secure social network. It is a safe and share-able electronic portfolio where all is controlled and protected. Learner Journey is used to create a personal record of work, achievements and activities of the school years. It gives the students the opportunity to show their work online, where they can also can send message to their friends and receive feedback from their teachers. It is also a secure social network that allows communication and collaboration among peers in a safe environment.

The system leverages the strength of social networking platforms and makes them appropriate for a learning environment, eliminating the risks associated with the use of public social sites within the school. Designed with electronic safety in mind, this e-portfolio allows students to work whenever and wherever they want. The contacts and friends lists can be monitored and controlled.

e-Portfolios provide real evidence of achievements, which can be accessed by the student as they progress through the education system. As Learner Journey is based on the web, no hardware or software is required to install or it does not require experts to manage it. Pupils have higher levels of satisfaction, increase their motivation, and due to the accessibility of their electronic portfolio, complete their work faster.

Webanywhere is an official Moodle Partner, a Totara LMS Platinum Partner, a Mahara Partner and Google Apps Authorized  Distributor. The company has more than 100 employees in their offices in the UK, USA, Poland and New Zealand serving over 3,500 clients worldwide.


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