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Proctor360 are seeking to redefine the way we take exams by offering the latest and best in online proctoring products and services. Their overarching goal is to expand access to education and opportunity by delivering live-secured proctoring – monitoring exams with an advanced camera, giving an entire view of the room using a unique, 360-degree camera.

Remote proctoring is one of the fasted growth areas of elearning, as examiners look to make testing just as convenient and accessible as the online learning itself. Independent elearning consultancy, Learning Light, conducted research into the market and wrote:

We see remote invigilation – live, online identification and monitoring of the candidate taking an exam – as the next step for computer based assessment. Both in terms of technology and convenience, we believe this $42 billion market is ready to be tapped by remote invigilation.

Learning Light believe that the online proctoring slice of the market will be worth $10 billion by 2026.

Proctor360’s advancement in remote proctoring technology could well bring further growth to the online assessment market. Their unique system gives them a chance of taking a good chunk of this market.

Proctor360 camera

The Proctor360 candidate headset


With Proctor360, the candidate receives a lightweight, easy to use headset through the post. He or she completes an examination that is recorded for analysis later and / or uses live proctoring, then returns the camera for refurbishment and reuse.

With an already impressive track record as an examinations provider, having served the likes of GE, KPMG, IP, Teradyne and PerkinElmer since 2003, the team behind Proctor360 are now bringing this expertise to the field of online proctoring with a solution that is set to change the market.

The company is seeking seed funding, so this could be an interesting opportunity for investors looking to enter this high-growth, high-potential area of the elearning market.

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Tel: 804-562-4798

Update: Proctor360 conducted a webinar on YouTube, talking about their technology on March 14th.
Learn more and watch the recorded webinar on this page.

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