A to Z of Learning Platforms

Below is an A to Z list of some of the best online learning platforms worldwide, for a range of sectors and education or training needs. Listed by learning platform name, they include LMS, LXP, mobile elearning apps and other software solutions.


  • Abara LMS
    Abara LMS is a true mobile-first Learning Management System. An online training software that offers a hassle-free learning experience for Corporates, Training and eLearning Companies. Employee training and learning is an integral part of any organization’s growth. We too firmly believe in learning. In order to develop a system, which offers knowledge in the easiest […]
  • Accord LMS
    Since 2009 Accord has provided a simple, smart and affordable learning management solution to millions of users around the world. Headquartered in Boise, Idaho in the US, they aim to provide a cost effective enterprise class learning management system to organizations of all sizes.
  • Administrate LMS
    Administrate is the complete training management system, delivered from the cloud. Manage learners, increase course bookings, and deliver better training. We’re a dedicated team that’s passionate about making lives better through software. We spend most of our day talking to, developing for, and thinking about training providers (our customers) and their students. Our Software helps […]
  • Adobe Captivate Prime LMS
    Adobe Captivate Prime is one of the world's most best LMS that focuses on Ease of Use, User Engagement, Powerful Tracking and Scalability. This powerful learning platform is a leading solution for staff, customer and channel sales enablement training.
  • aNewSpring
    aNewSpring offers training companies a learning platform which enables them to create, curate and deliver blended learning that adapts to each individual. Since 2003, aNewSpring has been committed to helping companies with a learning platform that inspires innovation and thus helps create a bright future. Today, over 400 customers rely on our platform to provide […]
  • Appcues – Software User Onboarding & Retention Platform
    Described by some as a 'retention marketing' solution, Appcues can valuable tool for software marketers and business leaders, hellping to improve client onboarding and engagement.
  • Asana
    Work anytime, anywhere with Asana. Keep remote and distributed teams, and your entire organization, focused on their goals, projects, and tasks with Asana. Asana’s mission is to help humanity thrive by enabling the world’s teams to work together effortlessly. Think back to the last time you were deep in the zone—time flew by and the […]
  • Aziksa Blended Learning System
    Aziksa is a cloud-based, blended learning system designed to deliver low cost, high quality training to a global workforce. It works with Tin Can API and offers virtual classroom management, ecommerce, mobile and social learning, online testing / assessments and certification management. It also has functionality that enables, real time video-based training. View an introduction […]
  • Best Learning Management System
    Choosing the best LMS for you depends very much on the unique requirements of your organisation. However, these leading learning management systems are all some of the most popular and highly-rated platforms...
  • Best LMS for Banking & Finance Companies
    Here we signpost pages for some of the best LMS for banks and financial services companies to use for staff development, engagement and compliance training.
  • Best Open Source LMS
    Here we look at the best open source LMS solutions available in 2021 to help you deliver online learning for education and training.   Moodle The Moodle LMS is an end-to-end online learning platform for K12, higher education and workplace training. It is not only the most popular open source LMS in the world, but […]
  • Big Companies / Brands Using Moodle
    There are many private companies, large organisations and big brands using Moodle across every sector. Here we look at some great examples, and top LMS providers.
  • Blackboard Education Technology Solutions
    With Headquarters in Washington, D.C. (USA), Blackboard was founded in 1997 by Michael Chasen and Matthew Pittinsky. It is a education technology solutions company in that specializes in learning management systems. The company also provides collaboration and communication apps, and related services to clients in many sectors, including educational institutions and government organizations. By the […]
  • Collaborize Classroom Education Platform
    With headquarters in Santa Rosa, California (USA), Democrasoft (formerly known as Burst.com) was founded by Richard Lang (current CEO) in 1990 and produces the Collaborize Classroom Education Platform. It provides social collaboration and voting tools. It is easy-to-use, designed to foster creativity, and rewards user experiences. In mid 2012, over 1.75 million lessons had been […]
  • Comprobo – Identity Verification & Cheating Detection for Online Exams
    Comprobo solutions are provided in a highly efficient, unobtrusive, secure and easily configurable SaaS system.
  • Cornerstone on Demand Talent Management Software
    With headquarters in Los Angeles, California (USA), Cornerstone OnDemand was founded by Adam Miller (current CEO) in 1999. It is a global company that provides talent management software solutions in 38 languages. Its cloud architecture helps organizations manage better the employee lifecycle, from recruitment through to retirement. The company has over 10 million users in […]
  • Corporate LMS Comparison: Totara vs Moodle Workplace vs imc Learning Suite
    These leading corporate LMS solutions now create a way for L&D teams to deliver online learning across a diverse, multinational and even multilingual workforce.
  • CrossKnowledge Learning Suite
    CrossKnowledge delivers digital learning solutions that are proven to transform individuals and drive business results. Their e-learning solutions are engaging, customizable, and easily implemented or integrated into your current learning platform.
  • Desire2Learn Cloud Based Learning Solutions
    Based in Waterloo, Ontario (Canada), Desire2Learn was founded by John Baker in 1999. It is a provider of Cloud-based (SaaS) learning solutions and it has developed an e-learning suite LMS solution that can be used in schools, universities and governments. In 2013, the company had over 700 customers and 10+ million users in 20 countries. […]
  • Edmodo Social Learning Platform
    Based in San Mateo, California (USA), Edmodo was founded in 2008 by Nicolas Borg and Jeff O’Hara. It is considered as a social networking site (very similar to Facebook) for teachers and students. It provides a secure and easy environment where pupils can share their content, and access several activities, evaluations and notices. Users can send […]
  • Educational Portals – Definition, Top Companies & Learning Benefits
    Here we look at the field of educational portals, including a definition, benefits for teaching and learning, and top solutions companies.   What is an educational portal? An educational portal is a website or platform that provides access to educational resources and services. Educational portals can be created by schools, universities, educational organizations, or individual […]
  • Enable – Setting a new standard in learning management systems for users
    Enable is a well-established LMS, and its first version has always been feature-rich and functionally excellent, enabling learners to learn effectively, and organisations to manage training and learning and development.
  • Enable Now Interactive eLearning Authoring Tool
    This brilliant elearning authoring software helps you to reduce time to competency and soften learning curves by developing engaging, contextually-relevant content proactively and in a timely manner.
  • Examity Online Proctoring Solution
    Since its founding, Examity has partnered with more than 500 institutions and certification programs worldwide to provide a cost-effective and flexible ID verification and online proctoring solution.
  • FISC FCA Compliance Platform
    If you run a finance or insurance company, or are an automotive dealer or group looking for an FCA Compliance platform with solutions to help you organise training and adhere to your regulatory obligations, FISC offer a suite of systems and services to meet your needs. They have a range of scalable FCA Compliance software […]
  • Halogen TalentSpace
    Halogen Software’s award-winning talent management system is used by organisations worldwide across a range of industries. The company provides highly configurable software that comprises a number of talent management solutions.  Functionalities in the Halogen TalentSpace software suite include: Performance Management – This is notoriously difficult to get right. TalentSpace helps you better engage employees and […]
  • Healthcare eLearning from Day One
    Day One have created elearning solutions for the healthcare sector and some of the best-known companies in the UK and Europe.
  • JoomlaLMS Learning Management System
    An introduction to JoomlaLMS - a Learning Management System developed on the platform of the open source Joomla! CMS.
  • Learnanywhere Primary Learning Platform
    Learnanywhere is a learning management system (LMS) (also called VLE) specifically designed for primary schools. It is intuitive and easy to use for teachers, pupils and parents alike. Using Learnanywhere, schools are able increase and facilitate collaborative learning. Pupils are able to communicate, record their learning successes and share their work. Teachers can create and […]
  • Learner Journey e-Portfolio and Social Network
    Based in the UK, USA and Poland, Webanywhere was founded in 2003 by Sean Gilligan. It specializes in web and e-learning solutions. The company provides easy to use and affordable online education and web based training solutions, which can be accessed at anytime from anywhere with an Internet connection. One of its most popular products […]
  • Learning Light – Help Choosing an LMS
    With so many learning management systems on the market, and with online training technology changing and improving all the time, selecting the right LMS for your current and future needs can be tricky. Learning Light have been helping HR and training leaders to make the best elearning decisions for over 10 years.
  • Litmos
    Deliver training anytime, anywhere with our easy to use learning management system, pre-built courses, and e-learning solutions. Litmos by CallidusCloud (now part of SAP) is the fastest growing learning technology company in the world, supporting more than 4,000,000 users in 130+ countries and 24 languages. Litmos prides itself on a customer-centric approach and continual innovation […]
  • Looop: Next Generation Learning Platform
    A review of the Looop next generation LMS for employee training by David Patterson of elearning and training consultancy, Learning Light.
  • Microsoft Teams
    Microsoft Teams is a digital platform that makes it convenient to access online meetings, documents, and applications in the same place. The platform has numerous extremely useful features that facilitate both business communications and classroom interactions. Microsoft Teams lets you handle everyone using an excellent team space that helps make innovative creative decisions and communicate […]
  • Mindtickle
    MindTickle’s sales enablement platform empowers your reps by equipping them with the knowledge and tangible skills to drive revenue. MindTickle sales enablement solution uses data-driven analytics to show how sales readiness programs impact the revenue growth of an organization. MindTickle combines an award-winning platform with the best practice methodologies to boost sales performance and knowledge […]
  • Moodle LMS / VLE
    Moodle is the world's most popular learning platform, used by millions of learners across virtually every country. It's an open source LMS, which means there are no licence fees to pay, plus it's constantly improved by a global community of developers.
  • Moodle Services from Titus Learning
    If you are interested in the flexibility and potential cost savings that come with an open source LMS, then Titus could be an excellent option, offering expert Moodle services.
  • NetDimensions Talent Management and HR Technology
    Headquartered in Hong Kong and with bases worldwide, including the US, UK, China and Australia, NetDimensions was founded by Jay Shaw and Ray Ruff in 1999. It is a global provider of enterprise performance software and talent management solutions. The company’s talent and learning management systems cater for high consequence industries, with particular focus on […]
  • Pathway Cloud LMS Review
    A review by independent industry experts, Learning Light, of Pathway - the excellent cloud LMS from well-established elearning company, WillowDNA.
  • Proctor360 – Online Proctoring Solution for Secure Examinations
    With an already impressive track record as an examinations provider, Proctor360 is now bringing this expertise to the field of online proctoring, with a solution that is set to change the market.
  • Riliance FCA Compliance Platform
    Riliance’s FCA Compliance Suite is a relatively new system dedicated to FCA regulated businesses, leveraging the latest technologies. It includes data collection and workflow tools, as well as a range of e-learning courses for delivering compliance training any time, anywhere with 24/7 access, helping you to stay compliant with legislation and industry regulations. Riliance have […]
  • Schoology LMS for Schools
    Commercially released in mid 2009 and based in New York (USA), Schoology was founded by Jeremy Friedman, Ryan Hwang and Tim Trinidad. It is a cloud-based LMS and social network for K-12 and higher education users. It allows to easily create, use to share lessons and coursework and manage academic material through a social networking […]
  • Skillsoft e-Learning Solutions
    Headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire (USA), Skillsoft was founded and registered in 1989 in Ireland. It is a company that provides e-learning and performance support solutions for companies of any size and for government organizations. By the end of 2012, the company had over 5,000 customers and more than 13 million end users in 60+ […]
  • SMOWL Online Assessment Platform
    SMOWL is an e-proctoring and online certification platform. As a cloud computing solution, it works over web browser and with the candidate's web cam.
  • SumTotal Talent Management Solutions
    Based in Gainesville, Florida (USA), SumTotal Systems is a company that provides strategic human capital management (HCM) software for all sized companies. It is recognized as the global leader in complete talent management solutions. The company offers solutions for talent, workforce, payroll, analytics and mobile, including LMS that enable scheduling, managing, and tracking learning. Its […]
  • Svelte LMS Review – Multitenancy & Multilingual – No Problem
    Svelte: Slender and elegant. Well that is a pretty good definition of this LMS, where a design philosophy of “ease of use” delivers very high levels of learner engagement and makes the name a truism.
  • System Simulations from Day One
    Custom system simulations created by UK company Day One Technologies. Ideal for software user onboarding and engagement, or for training staff in the use of complex in-house systems.
  • Tessello LMS from Brightwave
    Tessello is the best-of-breed next gen LMS, designed and developed by Brightwave's industry-leading learning experts. Their solutions are used in Finance, Manufacturing and many other sectors.
  • TestReach Online Assessment Software
    This company was founded to provide its customers with the ability to remove the strain, logistical headache and much of the expense of running face-to-face exams,
  • The Compliance Company FCA Compliance Platform
    The Compliance Company has developed an innovative, tailor-made software solution to fit your business model and effectively manage and cover all aspects of FCA compliance. The Compliance Company is a leading compliance services company that covers all areas of compliance as managed by a dedicated team comprising seasoned industry experts. Since October 2014 The Compliance […]
  • The LMS with Fast SCORM Search Capability from Day One
    If you are looking for an LMS that really does do something innovative and incredibly useful with your SCORM learning library by turning it into a highly searchable corporate learning resource, then the Day One LMS is the way forward.
  • Thistle Initiatives FCA Compliance Platform
    Knowledge Centre is Thistle’s online compliance training portal that allows users to participate in training and undertake assessments in relation to FCA regulation. Thistle Initiatives provide expert compliance advice and support right across the financial services sector. Their clients range from niche start-ups to long-established market leaders, from investment specialists to insurers and capacity providers. […]
  • Totara and Moodle LMS Solutions from Hubken Group
    Here we look at the Totara and Moodle LMS solutions offered by Hubken Group – a leading UK provider of learning management systems, with clients in multiple sectors and across the globe. Hubken’s e-learning solutions can transform the way you train and develop your learners and external audiences. They listen to your business and training […]
  • Userlane Software Training Platform
    Software in the workplace should make people's lives easier, but a big barrier is the learning curve. Userlane makes the process faster.
  • WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform
    WalkMe is a top Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) solution that enables businesses to simplify the online experience of your visitors and reduce software user confusion. Even if your organisation is digitally mature and great at guiding its users, there is still the growing challenge of keeping up with exponential increases in features, competition and customer […]
  • What is a Learning Platform in 2024? Guide to LMS, LXP, Suites, Portals & more
    Here we offer the complete guide to online learning platforms in 2024, including LMS, LXP, market trends & more.
  • What is a MOOC?
    Making education and training more accessible is a huge growth area worldwide and the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) concept is at the forefront of this trend. So what is a MOOC exactly? In a field packed with academics, many have blogs, websites and speakers have delivered their own MOOC definition, and many of the […]
  • White Label LMS – their Benefits & Choosing the Best
    Some of the top providers of white label learning platforms. We also look at the benefits of a white label LMS to not only deliver elearning content, but to drive engagement by making it feel like part of your brand.
  • Xyleme LCMS
    This well-established elearning provider has been around since 2004, and has clients across a wide range of sectors, such as manufacturing, IT and telecommunications, finance and aviation, and including Fortune 500 companies.

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