Totara and Moodle LMS Solutions from Hubken Group

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Here we look at the Totara and Moodle LMS solutions offered by Hubken Group – a leading UK provider of learning management systems, with clients in multiple sectors and across the globe.

Totara and Moodle LMS solutions from Hubken Group

Hubken’s e-learning solutions can transform the way you train and develop your learners and external audiences. They listen to your business and training aims and work to provide you with the options you need to achieve them.

Hubken have been helping clients ranging from international organisations to SMEs realise the potential of e-learning since 2004.

They prioritise friendliness, openness and collaboration. Their partnerships are built on trust and respect, meaning 94% of Hubken Group clients express happiness with their service.


Managed LMS Solutions

Hubken’s core focus is managed LMS solutions based on tried and tested corporate training solution – Totara, and open source LMS – Moodle. They offer reliable, flexible and cost-effective solutions and value-add services to help organisations realise their e-learning potential.

Which platform is right for your organisation? Hubken Group will help you decide. Totara Learn is often considered an ‘enterprise LMS solution’ for those organisations whose training requirements are a little more complex and varied. They’ll advise you honestly and openly based on your organisation’s specific individual needs.


Hubken’s Totara and Moodle LMS services

LMS Hosting – Super reliable hosting means you have the peace of mind that your Totara or Moodle LMS solution is managed and maintained, leaving you the time you need to ensure your learning content is performing and your users are engaged.

Unlimited Technical Support – Unlimited hours of technical support with their LMS solutions so you never have to struggle alone, as experts will be at hand to help with any questions and issues you might have. Not all LMS providers offer this!

LMS Training – Totara and Moodle training ensures you and your team can become experts in your LMS, letting you achieve the best learning outcomes and deliver quality e-learning content to your learners.

LMS Design & Branding – Hubken’s branding services allow you to create a seamless user experience by taking inspiration from your existing websites and brand guidelines and creating an LMS to match, helping maximise your learners’ engagement.

LMS eCommerce – Create a fully functional online store to sell your e-learning courses and make money from your learning content.

Ready-to-Go Content – A partnership with Go1 means you have access to thousands of ready-to-go courses, so you can start training your learners in numerous topics immediately and without any hassle.

LMS Video Conferencing – You can integrate blended learning with simple and secure web conferencing options. Deliver real-time training with plugins like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

LMS Reporting – Hubken’s analytics and reporting functionality allows you to monitor the progress of your individual learners and departments, identify weaknesses and skill gaps and generate reports to share with the relevant stakeholders.

Single Sign-on (SSO) – Minimise login fatigue for your users with Single Sign-on by allowing them to use the same login details across their devices and login locations. This will both improve user experience and boost engagement.


Client Success Stories


Hubken Group work with organisations of all sizes up and down the UK, and worldwide. Their clients represent a huge array of different sectors and industries, and they have case studies and success stories of all different varieties.

Some of the key sectors they have experience with are:

  1. Retail
    Work with the likes of Holland & Barrett and Home Bargains to provide online training and e-learning solutions. Holland & Barret for example boosted in-store knowledge retention and saved £90k a year thanks to Hubken.
  2. Local Government
    Local government clients include Stockport Council and St Helens Council, both of whom chose a Hubken Totara Learn LMS solution. St Helens Council achieved over 1,600 employee certifications within four weeks of implementing their new LMS solution.
  3. Healthcare
    They’ve worked with healthcare organisations to both improve and simplify their training and learning processes, as well as helping them save money. Mountain Healthcare for instance have saved many hours of administrative time thanks to a new online booking system.
  4. Education / Training Providers
    Hubken work with many organisations in the education sector, as well as those who provide specialised industry training. Yellow Room Learning were an interesting case, as they benefited from a multi-tenancy LMS solution using Totara Learn Hierarchies and Audiences.
  5. Charities
    Hubken with many charities, recognising their need to work within tight budgets and train staff in many different topics. After the NCTJ implemented a Hubken LMS solution, they said they finally “have a product we’re proud of and can feel confident marketing.”
  6. Veterinary
    Work with one of the biggest veterinary organisations in the UK, CVS Group, who have over 500 vet surgeries across the UK, the Netherlands, and the Republic of Ireland. Their Totara Learn LMS solution now helps them train 6,000 staff and is both easy to use and efficient.


Why a Hubken LMS solution?

Here’s what Hubken Group say you can expect from their LMS solutions:

  • Power and flexibility – shaped to meet your goals
  • Services you need – hosting, content, branding and more
  • Real value – delivering what you need for less
  • Assurance – leaders in e-learning success since 2004
  • Transparency – expect honesty, friendliness and openness
  • Ongoing support – we’re there whenever you need us

If you’re looking to work with a well-established learning platform provider who can help you to make the most of the best in enterprise-level and open source LMS solutions, then Hubken Group could prove an excellent choice.

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