The Compliance Company FCA Compliance Platform


The Compliance Company has developed an innovative, tailor-made software solution to fit your business model and effectively manage and cover all aspects of FCA compliance.

The Compliance Company is a leading compliance services company that covers all areas of compliance as managed by a dedicated team comprising seasoned industry experts. Since October 2014 The Compliance Company has worked with over 2,500 clients, assisting them with their FCA application and post-authorisation.

The Compliance Company continues to provide Ongoing Client Support to more than 500 clients, assisting them with their ongoing compliance requirements and exceeding the FCA‘s threshold conditions.

Features and Benefits

  • Appointed Representative Network, which gives them the authorisation to manage their clients’ FCA requirements, without any need for a direct FCA authorisation
  • Regulatory Assurance for not only staying up to date with FCA requirements but also making changes aligned to regulatory change/proactive innovation
  • Past Business Review for clear sampling and quality assurance methodologies in line with regulatory exceptions
  • SMCR to make individuals more accountable for their conduct and understanding of their responsibilities under FCA regulation

Training Available

  • Compliance Training Workshops
  • e-Learning
  • Bespoke Packages

Top Clients that Trust The Compliance Company

Michelin, CMP, Bosch, Claims Helpdesk, Toymaster, RCGeeks, Purple Bridge, Stubbs Finance, Credio, JPM Capital, SCC, and more

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Cornwall Road
Tel: 01423 522 599

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