Big Companies / Brands Using Moodle

Big Companies / Brands Using Moodle

The open source learning platform, Moodle, is now seen by many as the best corporate LMS, and there are plenty of big companies using it to manage and track their e-learning.

Moodle may have started as an education tool for schools, colleges and universities, but that background helped to ensure that it was created from the ground up with sound pedagogical principles.

Being created by educators, for educators is a fundamental strength of the platform, which led it to become not only the leading virtual learning environment (VLE) for education, but the world’s most popular LMS overall for good reason. The platform’s place as corporate elearning software has been furthered with the development of Moodle Workplace, which is designed for the needs for business training.

Moodle - open source learning platform


There are many private companies, large organisations and big brands using Moodle across every sector, with examples including:

  • IT and Technology – eg Microsoft
  • Financial Services – Allianz
  • Healthcare – NHS in the UK
  • Charity / Not-for-Profit – World Vision
  • Foreign Language Training – CLL Language Centres
  • Telecoms – Vodafone
  • Military & Defence – the US Defence force
  • Energy – Shell
  • Food & Drink – Coca-Cola
  • Automotive – Mazda
  • Professional Bodies – British Weight Lifting
  • Inter-Governmental Organisations (IGOs) – The World Bank & The United Nations

The extent of this list demonstrates that Moodle has the capabilities and flexibility to be a top learning platform for corporate, public and not-for-profit sector environments, while meeting the educational standards expected by the top universities, such as Barcelona, London School of Economics, Shanghai International, Mumbai, Columbia, and the Open University in the UK.


Top Moodle Partners & Providers for Business, Public Sector & Charities

If you’re looking for a reliable company to deliver on your e-learning requirements for the workplace using an open source platform, then Moodle Partners or those proven in developing the platform are a good place to start. These have been vetted as providers of good quality LMS services and customer support.

These are some of the top Moodle Partners and expert providers with experience of delivering charity, public sector or corporate LMS solutions:


Titus Learning

Titus Learning company overview

One of the most exciting LMS providers, Titus Learning have been building a strong, international presence by combining e-learning and Moodle expertise with customer service excellence.

They have clients in over 20 countries at the time of writing and are one of the best LMS providers in 2020, and no doubt for a long time to come.

This full-service LMS provider can help you with Moodle design, development, 3rd party system integration, hosting, training, support and more.

The launch of Moodle Workplace in February 2019 means that the LMS will offer even more features and benefits that are tailored specifically to the needs of business. Titus are one of the Certified Partners who look set to become a leading provider of Moodle Workplace services, helping businesses to make best use of the world’s most popular LMS within a corporate setting.

Titus Learning Ltd
Salts Mill
Victoria Road
West Yorkshire BD18 3LA
Tel: +44 (0) 1133 200 346



Enovation e-Learning

Established in 2000, this online learning company has a background in software and services for the finance sector. They now provide e-learning solutions for businesses and education providers, with offices in Ireland and France.

Enovation Solutions Ltd
The Friary
Bow Street
Dublin D07 X680
Tel: +353 (0) 1 602 4784


Open LMS

Open LMS create learning platforms for education providers, including colleges, universities and K-12 schools, as well as businesses and the public sector. The company acquired eThink – a well-established Moodle Partner in the US, as well as eCreators, to help clients with cloud-hosted LMS solutions, system integrations and more to make the most of open source technology.

US / Canada telephone number:
+1 (877) 938-5328

UK / Europe / Middle East:
+44 203 608 9366

Latin America / Spanish speakers:
+57 1300 913 122

Asia Pacific / Australia:
+61 1300 913 112


Whatever your sector and online training requirements, Moodle is a leading, enterprise-level LMS that offers the freedom, flexibility and continuous improvement potential that makes open source technology so great.

One of the top Moodle Partners and providers above should be able to help you make the most of this learning platform and meet both your current and future training requirements.

Enable Now Interactive eLearning Authoring Tool

Enable Now Interactive eLearning Authoring Tool

SAP Enable Now is one of the top interactive elearning authoring tools – a powerful content creation, management and sharing platform that facilitates learning through any medium effortlessly. This brilliant elearning authoring software helps you to reduce time to competency and soften learning curves by developing engaging, contextually-relevant content proactively and in a timely manner.

EnableNow About

You can now unleash the full power of SAP solutions through scalable end-user training tools that help build required skills and add great value to your organisation. Powered by SAP, a leader of today’s technology and digital transformation revolution, Enable Now helps get across damaging complexity effects while generating new opportunities for growth and innovation, while also staying ahead of the competition.

Enable Now Features and Benefits

  • Content reuse across different scenarios
  • In-application help and performance support
  • Training simulation and test-script creation
  • Contextual learning with web assistant
  • Improved guidance with desktop assistant
  • Access to new elements as well as design possibilities

Software Training Available

  • openSAP
  • SAP Learning Hub
  • Instructor-led SAP training
  • SAP Global Certification
  • Training Webinars on Multiple SAP Features

Customers that Trust SAP Enable Now

Whitehall Resources Ltd, City of Cambridge, Avanos, Magna International, GECO Asia, Comcast, ASG, Sydney Water Corporation, and many more across the globe.

Clockhouse Place
Bedfont Road
Middlesex TW14 8HD
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 870 608 4000

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a digital platform that makes it convenient to access online meetings, documents, and applications in the same place. The platform has numerous extremely useful features that facilitate both business communications and classroom interactions.

Microsoft Teams About

Microsoft Teams lets you handle everyone using an excellent team space that helps make innovative creative decisions and communicate with all of them smoothly and seamlessly. The platform aims to empower all its users comprising individuals and organisations around the world to do and achieve more.

Features and Benefits

  • Productivity gains and enhanced communication channels
  • Focus better on your tasks
  • Increased transparency across the channel
  • Seamless move for all to a digital workspace
  • New team members can catch up quickly
  • Improved collaboration and communication

Training Available

  • Get Started with Teams
  • Teams for Education
  • Master Working from Home with Teams
  • Run Effective Meetings with Teams
  • Learn to Use Apps in Teams
  • Learn How to Take Teams to the Next Level

Customers that Trust Microsoft Teams

Air France, Adventist, BSSD, BP, Cadence, Carpool, Cerner, CharterHall, GE, Infosys, JLL, McAfee, TalkTalk, Qantas, RICOH, SAP, Telstra, Toshiba, Zoom, and more



Work anytime, anywhere with Asana. Keep remote and distributed teams, and your entire organization, focused on their goals, projects, and tasks with Asana.


Asana’s mission is to help humanity thrive by enabling the world’s teams to work together effortlessly. Think back to the last time you were deep in the zone—time flew by and the work flowed through you almost effortlessly. That’s how they believe working together should be.

Asana gives you access to everything you need to stay in sync, while also hitting deadlines and reaching your goals as per the plan. Their solutions can help map out every step and organise all work details on one common platform. Asana also helps put project work on your fingertips while automating and simplifying complex workflows, reducing errors and saving time for more critical issues.

Features and Benefits

  • Configurable member settings
  • Reduced manual work
  • Increased data control
  • Best-in-class integrations
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Manage work data from anywhere

Training Available

  • Learn Asana Basics
  • Master Premium Features
  • Onboard Your Team
  • Ways to Use Asana

Clients that Trust Asana

Spotify, Pinterest, Indeed, Sky, Xero, Deloitte, Voxmedia, NASA, Google, Slack, PayPal, Intuit, AT&T, Overstock, Accenture, Intel, Adobe, and more


1550 Bryant St,
Suite 200, San Francisco,
California 94103

Thistle Initiatives FCA Compliance Platform

Thistle Initiatives FCA Compliance Platform

Knowledge Centre is Thistle’s online compliance training portal that allows users to participate in training and undertake assessments in relation to FCA regulation.

Thistle Initiatives provide expert compliance advice and support right across the financial services sector. Their clients range from niche start-ups to long-established market leaders, from investment specialists to insurers and capacity providers.

Registered users can log into the Knowledge Centre platform at any time using their unique user ID. This ID will give them access to a wide range of high-quality modules, each of which have an assessment towards the end.

Features and Benefits

  • Users have to take a knowledge test to ascertain what they learned at the end of every online learning module
  • Each time a user completes a module successfully, a CPD certificate gets generated automatically
  • Managers can monitor users’ progress and outcomes in real-time
  • Compliance training modules listed on the Knowledge Centre continuously updated to stay in compliance with the latest regulatory developments

Training Available

The Knowledge Centre has over 35 compliance training modules, such as:

  • The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), as well as its roles and responsibilities
  • MiFID II
  • Anti-bribery and corruption
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Cyber security
  • Product governance
  • The Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD)
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SMCR)

Customers that Trust Thistle Knowledge Centre

Bippit, Capium, Crowd2Fund, Jefferson Capital Ltd, Investam, Regency Capital, Storkcard, Trutify, Wahed, Wealth Fusion, and more

2nd Floor
4 St Paul’s Churchyard
Tel: 0207 436 0630

The Compliance Company FCA Compliance Platform

The Compliance Company FCA Compliance Platform

The Compliance Company has developed an innovative, tailor-made software solution to fit your business model and effectively manage and cover all aspects of FCA compliance.

The Compliance Company is a leading compliance services company that covers all areas of compliance as managed by a dedicated team comprising seasoned industry experts. Since October 2014 The Compliance Company has worked with over 2,500 clients, assisting them with their FCA application and post-authorisation.

The Compliance Company continues to provide Ongoing Client Support to more than 500 clients, assisting them with their ongoing compliance requirements and exceeding the FCA‘s threshold conditions.

Features and Benefits

  • Appointed Representative Network, which gives them the authorisation to manage their clients’ FCA requirements, without any need for a direct FCA authorisation
  • Regulatory Assurance for not only staying up to date with FCA requirements but also making changes aligned to regulatory change/proactive innovation
  • Past Business Review for clear sampling and quality assurance methodologies in line with regulatory exceptions
  • SMCR to make individuals more accountable for their conduct and understanding of their responsibilities under FCA regulation

Training Available

  • Compliance Training Workshops
  • e-Learning
  • Bespoke Packages

Top Clients that Trust The Compliance Company

Michelin, CMP, Bosch, Claims Helpdesk, Toymaster, RCGeeks, Purple Bridge, Stubbs Finance, Credio, JPM Capital, SCC, and more

Windsor House
Cornwall Road
Tel: 01423 522 599



MindTickle’s sales enablement platform empowers your reps by equipping them with the knowledge and tangible skills to drive revenue.

Mindtickle About

MindTickle sales enablement solution uses data-driven analytics to show how sales readiness programs impact the revenue growth of an organization. MindTickle combines an award-winning platform with the best practice methodologies to boost sales performance and knowledge that result in improved customer engagement,  bigger deal sizes, and higher win rates.

MindTickle team comprises a global group of people who work towards the common core mission of sales readiness in association with all of their customer organizations. Together, MindTickle provides a comprehensive data-driven solution for sales readiness and enablement. This approach promotes the revenue growth and brand value of some of the biggest companies around the world.

Features and Benefits

  • Sales Enablement that shortens ramp time, develop personalized skills and capabilities, and drive high adoption through multiple channels.
  • Sales and revenue leadership which motivates and engages teams to drive better decisions, as well as accelerate new sales rep onboarding
  • Training and L&D that automatically assigns learning paths for leverage blending while also tracking progress with milestones and certifications
  • Sales and marketing operations that empower sellers, accelerate sales momentum and proactively bridge all knowledge gaps for improving skills

Training Offered

  • Field Communications
  • Remote Coaching
  • Remote Sales Onboarding
  • Virtual Sales Kickoff

Customers that Trust MindTickle

Juniper, Square, Gigamon, Janssen, HP Enterprise, Appier, Snowflake, UBC, and more.


55 2nd St, Suite #550
San Francisco,
CA 94105
Tel: +1 (800) 231 5578

Best Open Source LMS

Best Open Source LMS

Here we look at the best open source LMS solutions available in 2021 to help you deliver online learning for education and training.



The Moodle LMS is an end-to-end online learning platform for K12, higher education and workplace training. It is not only the most popular open source LMS in the world, but the most widely used learning management system of any kind.

Moodle LMS

Moodle is the world’s open source learning platform that allows educators to create a private space online and easily build courses and activities with flexible software tools for collaborative online learning.

Moodle Pty Ltd
PO Box 303
West Perth WA 6872



The Chamilo Association is a non-profit organisation founded in Belgium in 2010, with its current headquarters in Spain since 2014.


To respect its neutrality and non-profit form, the Chamilo Association doesn’t offer professional services to organisations that use Chamilo. These services are ensured by an official providers network.

As Rozas 24 – Matela
27150 Outeiro de Rei



Sakai is a robust open-source learning management system created by higher ed professionals for higher ededucation staff and learners.

Sakai open source LMS

Sakai aims to offer a better customer experience than competing LMS platforms, and does a good jobs of this according to independent research. This enables faculty and students to be at their best.


Canva LMS

Canvas by Instructure is one of the world’s fastest-growing and most popular learning platforms. The makers create technology to help teachers to innovate and students to succeed.

Canvas LMS

Instructure believe everyone has the power to grow and succeed throughout their lifetime. Their mission therefore, is to help people grow from the first day of school to the last day of work.

Level 22
One Wharf Lane
171 Sussex St
Sydney NSW 2000

Tel: 800-203-6755


Dokeos LMS

Dokeos LMS is a dedicated learning platform for highly regulated industries. It provides online compliance training and manages compliance certifications.


DOKEOS, a developer and publisher of elearning solutions, is first and foremost a service company. Since 1999, they have supported corporations, companies and training organisations, as well as pharmaceutical groups, in developing customised training and assessment solutions.

Avenue Hoche 54/56

Tel: +33 1 76 38 00 44


Forma LMS

A learning management system designed to fit the specific needs of your organisation. You start with all the features of a standard LMS, configure it with hundreds of available options, integrate with your other systems through connectors and APIs, extend with lots of available plugins, or add your custom features.

Forma LMS

The Forma LMS team believes that knowledge, through learning, is probably the most critical asset for any company willing to stay competitive and alive. And today of course, that knowledge is delivered and collected digitally.

Via Molineria San Giovanni 10/A
29100 Piacenza
PC Italia


ATutor LMS

ATutor is an Open Source Web-based Learning Management System (LMS) used to develop and deliver online courses.

Administrators can install or update ATutor in minutes, then develop custom themes to give the platform a new look, and easily extend its functionality with feature modules.

ATutor LMS

Educators can quickly assemble, package, and redistribute Web-based instructional content, easily import prepackaged content, and conduct their courses online.

We’re big fans of the freedom, flexibility and potential cost savings that come with open source elearning platforms. If you decide to go down this route, these are some of the best open source LMS in 2021 and one of these solutions should serve you well.

Riliance FCA Compliance Platform

Riliance FCA Compliance Platform

Riliance’s FCA Compliance Suite is a relatively new system dedicated to FCA regulated businesses, leveraging the latest technologies.

It includes data collection and workflow tools, as well as a range of e-learning courses for delivering compliance training any time, anywhere with 24/7 access, helping you to stay compliant with legislation and industry regulations.

Riliance FCA compliance suite

Riliance have a dedicated team who are happy to tell you more about their services and guide you through their FCA compliance platform to help with your organisation’s training, paperwork and internal processes.

The company are experts in risk management, and can support specific training and compliance needs around data protection, equality & diversity, legal services and more.

2 Portal Business Park
Tel: 0845 345 3300

FISC FCA Compliance Platform

FISC FCA Compliance Platform

If you run a finance or insurance company, or are an automotive dealer or group looking for an FCA Compliance platform with solutions to help you organise training and adhere to your regulatory obligations, FISC offer a suite of systems and services to meet your needs.

They have a range of scalable FCA Compliance software and consultancy services. Their TRACS division operates an Appointed Representative network for general insurance as well as providing motor dealers with a wide choice of other compliance services.

FISC FCA compliance platform

FISC are providers of lead management and finance and insurance (F&I) SaaS products and services to the automotive industry both in the UK and internationally. They also provide a range of compliance software and services and operate the UK’s most innovative general insurance Appointed Representative (AR) network for motor dealers.

FISC Limited
Parkway Works
Kettlebridge Road
South Yorkshire
S9 3BL
Tel: +44 114 244 4264